Tuesday, June 18, 2013

AyosDito.ph to Give Samsung Galaxy Phones to Lucky Advertisers

This rainy season, it’s high time to clear up some space in the house to welcome better things. De-clutter your closet by selling tight-fitting clothes, unused uniforms, formal wear, and rarely used accessories online. You can also organize the kitchen, garage, attic, and your cozy little siesta corner by letting go of items you don’t need, and posting them for sale on AyosDito.ph!

Welcome the fresh season this June with fun opportunities to earn extra and to win amazing gadgets and other freebies from Team AyosDito.ph! How to join? Simply post an ad selling any item you’re no longer using on AyosDito.ph and share your ad on Facebook and Twitter so you can get the chance to win a brand new Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini!

But wait, there’s more! Aside from giving away cool new gadgets to lucky AyosDito.ph sellers, up to 30 more sellers can also get the chance to win gift certificates and other freebies from Team AyosDito.ph just because they posted and shared an ad.

Do you want a new book to read? Or perhaps you want to entertain yourself with a weekend seeing the latest blockbuster movies? Now you can win National Bookstore Gift Certificates and free movie passes to any movie you want to watch at SM Cinemas nationwide just by posting and sharing your ads online!

Experience the rewarding feeling of clearing up space for better things to come by selling items you don’t need so your hands are free to win the things that you want! Just remember the habit: post, share, win! 

For more information, visit www.AyosDito.ph.

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