Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Pro-Friends gives back to kids at special gift-giving activity at new Lancaster Imus complex

SANTA’S elves came out from the Santa’s Workshop arcades and did a special performance for the crowd on Saturday at the Lancaster New City in Imus.

The elves did the performance as they ushered kids to line up at the arcades. The children that lined up at the arcades received special gifts from the elves.

The said treats were especially picked and chosen by Santa’s elves for the children to truly appreciate the meaning of sharing love, peace, and happiness.

The special gift giving with Santa’s elves and the homeowners of Lancaster New City was one of many ways Pro-Friends delivers true happiness and care to residents of its developments.

Lancaster develops new Cavite village

THERE'S a new Lancaster village in Cavite.

Pro-Friends, the company behind Lancaster, completed the development of a barren land in the city of Imus and turned it to what is now known as the Lancaster New City.

Situated at the common boundary between three towns including Imus itself, Lancaster New City has been master-planned to be family friendly. Aside from the affordable and quality houses that suit the budget of the average Filipino family, it also delivers features that help its residents live a full life.

Families looking to own a home at the said Imus village can choose from three Asian-inspired house designs, the Adelle, Briana, and the Chessa types.

They will also find an easier time looking for locations to suit their needs and even wants as a K-to-12 ready school, a shopping area, and even a BPO office are found at the Lancaster New City. Other business stalls are also located at the village, just near the chapel.

Lancaster New City is easily accessible from CavitEx as all you need to do is to drive straight via the said tollway and turn left at Advincula Avenue.

For more information, just call 4917700 or visit www.profriends.com.

Friday, December 18, 2015

A place to unwind in the bustling city

I WAS at the middle of covering the PCCL finals when a friend of mine called me and asked, "Do you want to check out this hotel in Manila?"

I told her, "I will definitely be late considering I have to come from San Juan," but she replied, "That's OK."

So a jeep and two train rides later, I ended up at Hotel Kimberly along Pedro Gil Street.
While it may not be that near from the airport (12-kilometer distance), the location is good for the tourists who want to "feed" their social life (just a walking distance from Robinson's Place Manila, UP Manila, and the bars within the Ermita and Malate districts).

I eventually joined a few more bloggers in this presentation of Hotel Kimberly.

The hotel manager first led us to the restaurant.
Next up, we were shown the rooms. First was the superior room.
Then the deluxe room. There are two types of deluxe rooms, the single room, which is good for a maximum of two, and the family room, which can accommodate three at standard rate.
There is also the premiere family suite and the executive suite.
The premiere family suite.
The executive suite
Finally, we got a glimpse of the function hall. Since Hotel Kimberly Manila is located in a business district, it's great for offices who want to hold special meetings or even Christmas parties.
As aforementioned recently, we were toured around Hotel Kimberly Manila, which distinguishes it from the other Hotel Kimberly in Tagaytay.

Hotel Kimberly Manila is located at 770 Pedro Gil Street. For reservations, call (+632)52118888 or email the hotel at reservations@hotelkimberly.com

For more details about both Hotel Kimberly branches, go to hotelkimberly.com

Thursday, December 3, 2015

New Vista Malls to spice up Vista Land developments

SHOPPING online may be the “in” thing these days, but for most people, nothing can beat the physical experience of going to malls to meet up, bond with family and friends, have fun, and indulge in activities that cannot be experienced anywhere else.

Malls are not just places to shop, they are activity centers that fulfill many functions for mall goers. Learning nooks, workout places, lifestyle destinations, dining hubs, entertainment venues, and more, malls are woven into the colorful social fabric of countless communities.

Vista Malls are community malls that have been designed by its developer, Vista Land & Lifescapes, Inc., to be all about you.

Within each meticulously designed commercial complex are a variety of retail options – all tailor-fit for the communities in the various Vista Land developments.

Because of that, no one Vista Mall is the same as the other in terms of look or feel. Each one reflects the community that it serves.

“What makes Vista Mall unique from other retail centers is that we focus on the communities we cater to. We don’t aim to offer everything, but we take great effort to understand our communities and give them what they need. This is the central concept of all about you,” says Camille Villar, Managing Director of Vista Land, that has created over 30 master-planned communities all over the Philippines in the past 40 years. 

Communities already existing in the Vista Land set-up will be energized even more by community retail centers that will sprout in their areas.

Currently being built or redeveloped are the community retail centers of six Vista Group projects located in San Fernando in Pampanga, Antipolo, Cagayan de Oro, Makati, Parañaque, and Las Piñas.

These are just the first six of a series of community retail centers that the Vista Group is set to develop, with completion dates ranging from Q4 2015 to Q1 2016.

The upcoming community retail centers set for development include projects in Manila, Pasig, and Quezon City.

No matter what the concept, studies show that consumers look to malls and shopping centers to provide them with answers to their various needs – from a one-stop retail haven to a strip of specialty stores and restaurants, to a place where they can watch mini concerts, play bingo, attend yoga classes, learn from seminars or join competitions.

Vista Malls can go trendy, laid-back, be an entertainment hub, a backyard community center, be sports and activity-centered, or a creativity haven.

It’s all about the people living in the Vista Lands neighborhood.  It’s all about them.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Honda launches new RS150

HONDA'S new motorcycle has finally arrived!

After several months of speculation, Honda has finally presented its all new RS150 motorcycle.

Honda's newest sports bike is equipped with a 150cc Liquid-cooled DOHC 6-speed engine, born out of Honda Racing DNA with class leading advance technology.

Honda Philippines, Inc. president Daiki Mihara and Honda's chief operating officer for Asia and Oceania Noriaki Abe announced the company’s commitment in delivering the most exciting products for the new generation through the launch of the said bike.

The all new RS150 is an answer to young generation customers who are looking for freedom of high performance on sporty and sharply designed bike with class leading technology, specifications, and featuresr.

To ensure the best handling possible, Honda’s philosophy in developing sports motorcycle was applied wherein “Rider can control engine power in any circumstances… exactly when needed and as much as needed.”

The design, frame, and engine synergy make this new Honda motorcycle special.

The bike design reflects aggressive new generation styling with sharp looking body and boasts attractive features from latest super sports.

Its sharp wedge shape and innovative and edgy surface treatment gives pride to the rider, not to mention its class leading features of LED headlight, fully integrated digital meter panel, rear and big diameter front disc brakes, aluminum cast wheel, clamped handle bar, tubeless tires, and rear monoshock absorber among others.

The frame which holds the motorcycle was designed with high agility and safety in mind.

The frame and chassis delivers agile and responsive control, very suitable for city streets made possible by its agile 45-degree steering handle, compact dimension wheelbase of 1275 mm, and the application of new strong twin-tube type sports frame which is designed to be safe at high speed and quick acceleration.

The engine performance has the best acceleration in its class but still fuel-efficient by application of wide variety of friction reduction technologies producing maximum power of 11.8 KW (16.0 PS) at 9,000 rpm.

The new generation engine especially designed for Southeast Asia including the Philippines has the following characteristics: flexible output characteristics that enable fun riding in a wide range of riding situations, improved fuel efficiency performance, remarkable level of comfort enabling the rider to experience a high-grade feel, and exterior design with functional beauty that evokes the sophisticated mechanism.

Honda dares customer to test it and discover real power that you can handle.

Finally, the all new RS150 is environment friendly with its Euro-3 compliant emission and safety is still Honda’s top most priority with the installation of bank angle sensor that increases rider’s safety by automatic engine turn-off during accidental crash or fall.

To further strengthen commitment for the young generation, Honda has given the public a sneak peak of another sports model, the CB150R, which will be launched by next summer of 2016.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

CD-R King unveils new Bluetooth speakers

IN THIS age of technology, everything goes wireless and this system is well embraced by people who hates seeing clutter everywhere.

One gadget that streams is the Bluetooth speaker which every techie can’t do without. Even kids carry these gadget as they strut around the mall.

CDR-King, you’re one-stop media provider offers some of the most affordable yet high in performance Bluetooth speaker that will surely bring out the music loving personality in you.
Lauren Bluetooth speaker. PHP580 
Fremont Bluetooth speaker (with USB and Micro SD card slot). PHP580
Cyrus Bluetooth speaker (with USB and Micro SD card slot). PHP580
Head on to the nearest CDR-King branches nationwide to check out which suits you best. 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

LED bulbs now available at CD-R King

CD-R KING, your one-stop media provider gives you the ease of choosing by taking away the drawback of price difference by making LED bulb available to the General public at a more affordable price.

Known for selling computer accessories, CD-R King eventually expanded their offerings by beginning to sell LED bulbs.

LED bulbs are considered good for the environment and are endorsed by green movements.

This effort compliments their advocacy in encouraging people to care for the environment during their California e-bike campaign early this year.

It is also noted that CD-R King offers several choices of LED bulbs with different price range both for personal and industrial use.

Below are some of the choices for regular household use.
For other variants, you may visit CD-R king branches or check out their website at www.cdrking.com.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

You_Source offers unique software development approach

WHEN you think of a software development company, you most likely think of a bunch of nerds coding away in the dark with headsets on that are so big they cover the entire head of the programmer.

You most likely think that these guys have no personality and can only speak in binary codes.

Most likely, you think that they are the less cool version of the guys in Big Bang Theory. 

The guys at You_Source could not be further from the truth. You_Source provides a fun and conducive environment to its employees.

The CEO, Alain Franchimon, understands that happy workers are the best workers and so every Monday morning, he brings something fun to meetings and every Friday afternoon, people gather around and bond with each other.

He also maintains an open door policy which leads to communications remaining constantly open amongst everyone. 

From their website, he said, “We pick the right people, tools and equipment for the job. Our methodologies together with well designed, written and extensively tested software cater for change, fast feedback and real-time insight in quality and progress. We speak C#, Ruby, Objective C, Java, R, Typescript, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and a few dialects of SQL. We believe that collective ownership is key to successful software. We care as much for your code as you do. We're not just software developers. We are a team of enthusiastic, social, helpful, passionate and highly skilled individuals, who are eager to take on new challenges.” 

For anyone interested in having their software built right, on time, on budget, all the time, You_Source is the company for you. They will not work for you, they will work with you. 

To contact them, go to their website at www.you-source.com, email them at info@you-source.com, o call them at (02)5532465.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Acer Aspire Switch series ready to make you pull off one big school year

Acer Aspire Switch 12
IT’S back-to-school season again! Ready for long study notes, endless reviews, challenging projects? Global tech titan Acer got you covered! Pull it off this school year with Aspire Switch 12, Aspire Switch 11 and Aspire Switch 10 E!

Acer Aspire Switch 12 is an intuitive and immersive 5-in-1 device that can be used as a laptop, tablet with keyboard or not, or even as a desktop PC through its 5 modes—notebook, pad, display, tent and desktop.

Aspire Switch 12 is powerful in terms of computing abilities, responsive and vivid graphics yet consumes low power, thanks to its new Intel® Core™ M processor and smooth-running Windows 8.1 operating system. Its big, 12.5-inch display screen, protected against accidental bumps and scratches by Corning® Gorilla® Glass keeps up with the always-active student lifestyle. Its full HD display lets you see everything as clear as a whistle regardless of angle or extreme lighting condition. The touch-screen display has anti-fingerprint capabilities to prevent those unappealing smudges from splotching the screen.

Need a buddy that is as versatile as you? With Aspire Switch 11’s unique Acer Snap Hinge™, you can flip, rotate, or detach it in a snap. Its invisible force of magnetism lets you detach the tablet seamlessly and snap it back on whenever and wherever you need it. The spacious chic let keyboard is perfect for taking down long notes because it assures comfortable typing and solid tactile feedback. Supported by six touchpad gestures, Aspire Switch 11’s Precision Touchpad guarantees gestures as fluid as touchscreen gestures.

Express yourself freely with Aspire Switch 10 E’s range of trendy colors that work perfectly with its dynamic shape and elegant textile-pattern texturing. This 2-in-1 runs on Windows 8.1 and features all the Microsoft Office programs you need to get home works done. Its Intel quad-core processor and 12 hours of battery life make the Aspire Switch 10 E the ideal tool for group studies. 

The Aspire Switch 10 E also comes with the Acer SwitchLock™ that lets you lock this keyboard dock’s HDD so it only works with the tablet part. Protect all you HDD data by snapping the tablet off the keyboard and snap it back on to unlock it.

But Acer doesn’t stop by just offering an absolutely stunning digital device. From May 25 to June 30, 2015, buyers of an Aspire Switch 12 or any Aspire Switch 2-in-1 netbooks will get an Instax Mini 8 camera absolutely for free!

Get an Acer Iconia W1 2-in-1 netbook and get a FREE Smart Bro 4G Pocket Wi-Fi. Acer’s promo in partnership with Smart Communications runs from May 15 to June 15, 2015.

Students, get ready to Pull it off! Acer knows you need the perfect school buddy you can count on to help you get those grades you aspire for.

For more information about the exciting Acer Aspire Series and other 2-in-1 devices, visit the Acer Philippines Facebook page (www.facebook.com/AcerPH), follow Acer via Twitter (twitter.com/acerphils), or go to www.acer.com.ph.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Honda BeAT motorbikes launched

ON Saturday, Honda released its new BeAT-FI eSP Series during the motoring company's Let Your Beat Out activity at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Daiki Mihara, the president of Honda Philippines, Inc., is confident of the potentials of the new motorcycle series in the local scooter market.

“The New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series is a reflection of Honda Philippines’ continued commitment to provide powerful, safe, fun, and worthwhile driving experience to the growing market of Filipino scooter enthusiasts,” Mihara pointed out.

The New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series would hit the local retail markets literally and figuratively running, in terms of consumer interests, performance, and most notably sales. It has practically the same DNA as the Honda Click125i that was launched in February so Honda Philippines is quite confident that it will also be a success in terms of performance and sales given its affordability and expected wider market base. 

According to Elie Salamangkit Jr., Product Planning Manager of Honda Philippines, the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series is banking on its class-leading fuel efficiency, the Honda exclusive and industry-pioneering technology, stylish and sporty design, better utility, and affordability that is expected to strongly appeal to a wider market base, to immediately make its mark in the local scooter market.

The New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series also features the Honda Smart Technology, a groundbreaking technology that Honda first used in the Honda Click125i that really caught the attention and envy of every market player in the Philippine motorcycle industry.

The Honda Smart Technology is actually what’s powering the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series to its very remarkable on-road performance punctuated no less by its class-leading fuel efficiency which is 63 kilometers per liter for its CBS/ISS variant and 58.5 kilometers per liter for the standard model based on the ECER40 test method.

Honda has also maintained its trend-setting safety and security features in the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series including a secure key shutter, a side stand switch, park brake lock, automatic headlight on (AHO), and the combi-brake system.

In terms of utility space, the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series has a larger utility box that is capable of accommodating 11.2 liters worth of personal items or safety equipment.

A closer look

So what is the Honda Smart Technology and how did it become industry leading and pioneering?

The Honda Smart Technology actually has three main features – the eSP, the ISS, and the Combi-Brake System (CBS).

The eSP means enhanced smart power. It is an advance engine technology that combines high power and high fuel efficiency with a quiet start and smooth eco-friendly engine. The technology enables the efficient combustion of the engine as well as minimizes friction thereby reducing waste. It optimizes energy output too. eSP technology is integrated with the unique Honda ACG starter to ensure that once the rider starts the engine, it would be jolt-free. It also supports the application of another advanced and exclusive Honda feature known as the Idling Stop System (ISS).

Under the eSP, there are many technological features including the Honda-exclusive ACG Starter, the PGM-FI, the CVT, among others. With the use of the ACG or alternating current generator starter-type system, there is no reduction gears and gear meshing noises thus ensuring smooth and quiet start. The PGM-FI is a technology pioneered by Honda since the introduction of the Honda CX500 Turbo in 1982, the world’s first fuel-injected motorcycle. It is programmed fuel injection which ensures higher fuel efficiency, power and torque while keeping emission low. CVT is continuous variable transmission which has become a norm in modern scooters. It allows for intelligent low friction and vibration.

The ISS feature of the Honda Smart Technology is another Honda exclusive and the first-of-its-kind in motorcycle application. The ISS automatically switches off the engine of the scooter during brief stops and thus saves fuel. The conventional idling of other scooters and motorcycles is that they continue to consume fuel even on idle mode. The rider also does not need to restart the scooter on ISS as he just needs to twist the throttle and the engine is automatically switched on again in less than a second.

The Combi-Brake System (CBS) is the feature that delivers controllability, convenience, and the sense of confidence for the rider because the technology in the scooter gives it the optimum braking power while reducing nosedive, which is very common in many scooters and motorcycles. Because the technology enables the application of the right amount of brake power on both wheels of the scooter, shortest stopping distance when braking can be achieved.

With the industry-pioneering and revolutionizing feature of the Honda Smart Technology, the New Generation BeAT-FI eSP Series is expected to blaze a trail of excellence for every succeeding scooter that will come out of Honda to follow. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Filipino, Spanish dishes highlight Madrid Fusion

THE Philippines and Spain share a deep and colorful history, and what better way to celebrate these two cultures than through their vibrant and intertwined culinary traditions.

This April, the world’s most anticipated epicurean event will celebrate the two countries ’300 years’ worth of shared connection through food in one global event where the world’s top chefs showcase culinary innovations and cutting-edge techniques, ingredients and recipes taking food and dining to the next level. If one wants to see the “future of food,” this is the place to be in.

SM plays host to this historic affair and welcomes Madrid Fusion as it comes to Asia for the first time and puts Manila at the heart of culinary interest worldwide.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 happening on April 24 to 26 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City highlights the Philippines as an haute cuisine destination in Asia.

A welcome night at the scenic SM By the Bay for the official delegates is sure to put everyone in a good mood during the first day of the congress on April 24 where this time, it’s all about the best of Philippine food, art, and culture.

“SM is proud to be the venue of the historic Madrid Fusion Manila. We believe that one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets is our rich culinary heritage,” expressed Steven Tan, SM Supermalls senior vice-president. “We also want to bring the excitement of Madrid Fusion, particularly Spain’s strong influence in our food and culture, to our mall-goers by taking these culinary festivities to our malls.”

To help create national awareness for this cultural milestone, the official Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 TV commercial is being aired in all SM Cinemas nationwide.

Set to captivate Manila with their culinary virtuoso are Spain and Asia’s legendary chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz, Elena Arzak, Quique Dacosta, Ramón Freixa, Francis Paniego, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Paco Torreblanca, André Chiang, and Alvin Leung.

Presenting the Philippines’ own diverse and imaginative epicurean traditions are chefs Fernando Aracama, Margarita Forés, J Gamboa, José Luis “Chele" Gonzalez, Pepe Lopez, Rob Pengson, Bruce Ricketts, Myrna Dizon, Claude Tayag, and Juan Carlos de Terry.

Taking centerstage at the congress will be this exciting encounter between Spain’s legendary Michelin-starred chefs and the Philippines’ very own culinary stars. A trade exhibition will focus on the finest Spanish and Filipino products from Spanish wines and cheeses, to the Philippines’ world-class exports such as rice, cacao, coffee, mango, coconut, and liquors.

A feast of everything delectably Filipino-Spanish shall delight foodies at the Gourmet Weekend Market from April 24 to 26 at SM Mall of Asia. A premium selection of cheese, tapas, wine, ingredients, local finds and special bundles shall be made available in partnership with SM Markets (SM Supermarket and Hypermarket).

New food concepts that reflect culinary innovation and technique will be available only this April at select SM Mall of Asia restaurants where special dishes with Spanish influence or cooked with the finest local produce, ingredients and flavors are sure to bring out your inner foodie.

Savory goodness awaits mall-goers of SM Aura Premier which shall host its own Spanish-themed fiesta with music, dancing, food and drinks on April 26 at the Sky Park lawn.

Also from April 24 to 26, irresistible dining deals await all food lovers at SM Megamall’s flagship and first-in-the-country dining destinations and the newly-opened Mega Food Hall.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Miss Teen Earth-Philippines finalists revealed

TWENTY young females from across the country will vie for the prestigious Miss Teen Earth-Philippines crown. The finalists were revealed during a press presentation at the Ace Hotel on Thursday.

Seventeen-year-old Trisha Apa-ap, Anna Alberto, Melody Infante, Julieane Fernandez, Joecel Robenta, Andrea Altamirano, Michaela Bernardo, Merl Gayo, and Erica Bayani will compete against 16-year-old Luzenne Jones, Madeleine Siewert, Bianca Willemsem, and Patricia Andulte, 15-year-old Andrea Rivera,  and 14-year-old Kirsten Delavin, Sarah Madrigal, Keanna Sanguyu, and Aloisa Jauid.

Carylle Mamon is the oldest finalist at 18 years of age, while Cindy Abella is the youngest at 13.

The beauty pageant aims to spread the news about environmental conservation among the youth.

As part of the advocacy, the candidates are tasked to return to their respective hometowns and implement the projects they proposed.

The coronation night will be set at a later date. It will be nationally televised on GMA.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Finanical freedom conference set for June 20

MOTIVATIONAL speaker and financial expert Chinkee Tan will share his knowledge on financial freedom in the KaChink Conference on June 20 at the Metro Tent.

In the said, Tan and other speakers will tackle how to properly budget your money and make the right investments.

Also, some of the very important details in Tan's best-selling books will be further discussed in the said conference.

After the conference, attendees are expected to get the knowledge needed to acquire the financial freedom that can make them "retire before the age of 50".

The ticket prices for the KaChink Conference are as follows: PHP1,800 for gold, PHP1,600 for silver, and PHP1,400 for bronze.

However, you can avail of the early bird promo, where PHP1,000 will be slashed off the regular price.

To avail of the discounted admission fees, just fill out the form below and check the KaChink box.
[Editor's Note: The writer is an accredited online lead generator for Chinkee Tan’s Book and Training Programs]

Monday, March 16, 2015

Michelin tires power new Porsche Cayman GT4

For the dynamic launch of its new Cayman GT4, Porsche AG has chosen to equip all of the cars with Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ultra-high-performance tires: 245/35 ZR20 (91Y) TL N0 front and 295/30 ZR20 (101Y) XL TL N0 rear.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyre is the latest generation of road-legal track tires designed for ultra-high performance cars. The performance levels that this tyre offers are clearly demonstrated by the fact that it is the OE fitment on recent Porsche models including the 918 Spyder and GT3.

Further evidence of the performance of this tyre is highlighted by the Nurburgring lap record set last year by the 918 Spyder which was fitted with exactly the same model of tires, albeit in a different size, that can be bought from any Official Porsche Centre.

Compared to its predecessor, the Pilot Sport Cup+, the Pilot Sport Cup 2 lasts up to 50 per cent longer on track and also offers faster lap times* due to technology developed in motorsport, at races such as the Le Mans 24 hours. Plus, these improvements in performance are achieved with no compromises in other areas, and are an example of Michelin’s Total Performance strategy.

The Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 combines Bi-Compound technology, which involves the use of different rubber compounds on the inner and outer sections of the tread with Track Variable Contact Patch 3.0, which is an innovation that optimises pressure in the tyre's contact patch so the same amount of rubber is always in contact with the road or track, whether driving in a straight line or cornering.

To ensure the Cayman GT4 is prepared for difficult winter driving conditions, Michelin is the sole supplier of the winter tyre option for the following cars:

235/35R20 92V XLTL Pilot Alpin 4 N0
275/30R20 97V XLTL Pilot Alpin 4 N0

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas to hit TV screens soon

WazzupPilipinas.com has definitely grown bigger and stronger.

After their online media partnerships with many government agencies, brands, colleges and universities, and other organizations, your multi-awarded Pambansang Blog ng Pilipinas has indeed reached greater heights when it opened its doors to many more partnership opportunities which included contributions to newspapers and magazines, guesting on TV and radio shows, organizing media events, advocacy programs and promotional campaigns, spearheading long-term collaborations with more brands, organizations and agencies, and a lot more activities beyond online media partnerships.

Now, they are proud to announce that they will have a new TV show dubbed as Wazzup Pilipinas TV, and it will soon be shown at IBC 13 every Saturday at 8 p.m.

It is a infotainment lifestyle show that will be more than just an online version of the WazzupPilipinas.com blog.

The production team has made Wazzup Pilipinas TV to a witty and intentionally humorous show to make it more appealing to a wider audience but at the same time filled with useful facts and information to educate and inform the more intellectual audience. In short, they tried their best not to make it boring.

The Wazzup Pilipinas TV show also capitalizes on using many forms of media to promote both the show and its sponsors so it is expected that the brands will receive a multitude of media mileage opportunities when they collaborate with Wazzup Pilipinas TV as among the many partners or segment sponsors.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Digital Filipino opens more slots for E-Commerce program

Digital Filipino
Due to insistent public demand, Digital Filipino, in cooperation with the Asian Institute of E-Commerce and the AIE College, reopened the enrollment for the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program.

The program was well received by those who want to become equipped with knowledge on how technology and finance can co-exist that the organizers of the said course led by Janette Toral opted to accommodate those who failed to join in the first head-to-head sessions last January and February.

The new batch of students will begin its program on either March 14 (face-to-face) or March 19 (online).

Every module, except for Module 8, costs PHP 3,000. Module 8, which teaches you how to present your e-commerce proposal to a prospective client, costs PHP 6,000. However, you can enroll for the entire training program for only PHP30,000 if you pay through cash.

But for a limited offer, you can enroll for the said program and you can get a 10% discount. Just fill up the form below and wait for a confirmation from Ms. Janette Toral.

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount for the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program, just fill up this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.

Janette Toral will send an email confirmation link to ensure no one is adding you without consent. Kindly check your bulk or spam folder in case it doesn't arrive in your inbox. Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail that has the discounted e-mail billing.

Editor's Note: The writer is an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipinoTraining Programs.

Monday, March 9, 2015

iprice: A new coupon portal rises

A FRIEND of mine introduced me to this iprice.ph website. I obviously got curious especially that e-commerce is on a boom recently.

"iprice" is actually a website offering discounts and coupons to get the items you want to buy at a lower price.

The home page is immediately packed with the ongoing promos from various online shopping sites like Lazada and Zalora. I find it cool because offering your services from the start will entice more customers.
But being the Sporty Guy that I am, I checked out the sports equipment section since I am looking for cool sports items. You can also find virtually every sports equipment here at iprice, including a Manny Pacquiao dart set.
Then I checked out the shoes section, where I found some signature shoes from Nike. However, save for a KD 7 Lightning 534, I can't find a latest signature shoe. If you want more fab to your feet at less price, iprice offers Fila lace-up sneakers at 50 percent off.
While I like iprice's idea of linking its offers to various online shopping portals, I think I-Price should sell online on its own. I think the guys behind iprice can make it. Still, it is good for the company to stick to its tie-up with the likes of Zalora and Lazada.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Michelin teams up with Shell anew for eco-marathon

Michelin, in global partnership with Shell, welcomes back the Shell Eco-Marathon Asia (SEMA) for its second year in the Philippines at the Rizal Park, Manila on Feb. 26 to March 1, 2015.

The Shell Eco-Marathon is an international competition wherein student teams must create a safe and energy-efficient vehicle that promotes sustainable solutions for mobility. Michelin continues as the official global partner and tire supplier of the event in 2015.

An increased number of student teams will participate in SEMA 2015, with 127 teams from 17 countries from the Asia-Pacific and delegates from Australia, Saudi Arabia, Oman and South Africa. From the Philippines alone, 25 universities from all over the country with as much as 34 participating prototype vehicles are joining this year. The SEMA 2014 had 109 teams from 15 countries, and 15 teams from the Philippines among them.

“The Michelin and Shell partnership are aligned with valuing innovation for better mobility, that also pursues energy-efficient and safe solutions for mobility.” said Michael Nunag, Chief Representative of Michelin Philippines.

The Michelin tires for Shell Eco-Marathon are well-designed tires that are lightweight and provide low rolling resistance, providing optimal traction and longer travel time for the prototype vehicles. These tires are approximately 6 times more efficient than one of the best energy efficient tires on the market (Michelin Energy EV). Michelin will also be providing technical assistance and support to all the participant teams throughout the competition, by supporting them with safety advice and how to best utilize the tires for their vehicles to get the best performance.

Apart from the sponsor exhibition where the public will have a chance to see the product and performances of Michelin Tires, Michelin will host the Michelin Road Safety City 2015 at the Fanzone area at the SEMA 2015.  A first for SEMA in Manila, the concept behind Michelin Road Safety City is to get everyone, especially the kids, in on the importance of road safety.

“Road Safety is everyone’s responsibility. With Michelin Road Safety City 2015, what we want to bring to all the participants is the basic but important knowledge that will keep them safe on the road. This includes respecting traffic rules, the meaning of road signs, and how to avoid danger on the road. All the activities are designed to demonstrate the importance of road safety, with the hope that this will help to reduce road accidents,” said Ruedee Euachongprasit, Director of Communication and Brands, Michelin East Asia and Australia.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

E-Payment Boot Camp slated March 2

Learn how to set up an e-payment and how to be alert of online frauds at the Electronic Payment Acceptance and Online Fraud Protection Boot Camp starting on Mar. 2.

This crash course aims at equipping digital marketers, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce specialists with electronic payment mechanisms.

This 12-week webinar series will help you manage your e-business easier as you will learn the basics of e-payment acceptance so that your clients from different places can have an easier option to pay you for your services.

Also, you will learn how to track and prevent yourself from ending up in an online fraud.

The webinar series will focus on the following:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Electronic Payment Acceptance
Lesson 2: Online Credit Card Payments Lesson 3: Mobile E-Payments
Lesson 4: Non-Credit Card E-Payments
Lesson 5: Virtual Currency E-Payments
Lesson 6: Getting your site ready to accept electronic payments>
Lesson 7: E-Commerce Taxes
Lesson 8: E-Payment Policies
Lesson 9: Consumer Identity Authentication and Verification
Lesson 10: Handling high risk orders
Lesson 11: Work with 3rd party service providers
Lesson 12: Working with Law Enforcement Authorities

For PHP4 thousand, you can join this boot camp, which will run every Monday night. However, you can avail a ten percent discount if you will register at the registration form below.

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount on the Electronic Payment Acceptance and Fraud Prevention Boot Camp, just fill up this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.

(Editor's Note: The writer is an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipinoTraining Programs.)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Toral teams up with Ateneo for CBSME program

Janette Toral, one of the pioneers of Philippine e-commerce, and the Ateneo De Manila University collaborated for this year's Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program that will kick off on February 10.

The 16-week online crash course aims to teach people how to make a presence online and equip them with knowledge about online entrepreneurship and how a website can become a source of income.

The said program will be divided into three modules with the first two running for five weeks and the last for six weeks.

The first module, which will begin on the aforementioned date, will tackle on building a website and using the social media platforms to promote the said website. The final week of Module 1 will be devoted to the presentation of the websites the students will create.

The second module will be a notch higher than the first as the five-week webinar series that will begin on March 24, will tackle on how to become an effective social media marketer and advertiser and how to become a professional blogger.

The final module, which will begin on April 5, aims to teach the students on turning their websites into an income-generating source.

If you want to enroll for the program, register at the form below and you can get a 10% discount.

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount for the Certified Blog and Social Media Entrepreneur Program, just fill up this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.

(Editor's Note: The writer is an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipinoTraining Programs.)

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Cavinti: A town by the waters

Situated around 100 kilometers from Manila, the town of Cavinti is known for three known aquatic places, the well-known Caliraya Lake and the Magdapio Falls aka Cavinti Falls aka Pagsanjan Falls and the underrated yet cool Lumot Lake. I and a group of bloggers were supposed to go there after Christmas, but because the weather there is relatively inclement during the Yuletide season, the tour, which is formally named Cavinti Eco-Adventure Tour or CavEAT, was moved to a "safer" date, which was right after the New Year. So we packed up for the trip. Herald Bebis, the one who invited us, met us at the Pagsawitan Junction in Sta. Cruz. I was surprised that we were many in the group, and I only knew a few.
Here's a photo of our group.
After meeting new friends, we went straight to the Bumbungan River Eco-Park.
The river, which connects to the Cavinti River, actually overflows through the National Highway, prompting the municipal government to build a higher bridge and turn the old road portion to the eco-park.
We ate breakfast and were briefed about what to expect for the entire weekend. After doing some sightseeing and some instant "foot spa" at the river...
...we went to a sambalilio manufacturing store at the town proper. We got one each. With me doing some "ballies", I donned the hat to my ball!
When I took the ballie, I was reminded a lot of the Dallas Mavericks'
old logo.
Now, one of the highlights of the Cavinti tour: A trip to the Cavinti Falls. The former Magdapio Falls, more popularly known as the Pagsanjan Falls as the town is the easier route to the falls, can be accessed from Cavinti through the El Pueblo Del Salvador Eco-Park. It's a trek route that reminded me of my one and only journey to Mt. Makiling. What makes the trek more exciting are two rappelling stations. At first, I felt somewhat scared that I had to go down 40 steps down via rappelling, but good thing the staff kept us safe. We made it to the falls. Considering it was the first time for most of us, we made the most of it. While it was a nerve-wracking experience, it was fun.

Then we spent the sunset time at the Camarin Park. The place is managed by NAPOCOR since the place is actually a hydroelectric plant along the Caliraya (both Lumot and Caliraya are synthetic lakes built to provide electricity).
Here's a photo of Cavinti's sunset at the Camarin Power Plant.
We spent the night at the Villa Oliveros Resort owned by no less than the town's mayor Milbert Oliveros. To have some fun before we sleep, we played a game of billiards there.
Even by sunrise, the game of pool continued.
Our first destination for the second day was the Cavinti Chapel. Because I was rushing for errands for our news site (plus the fact that I'm a Born-Again Christian), I did not enter the chapel.
Later in the day, we went to the Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort, where I learned how to play golf. Then we went to the Lago Fishing Village (I decided not to join my blogger friends there since I was really on a rush since I'm the new online editor for Dugout). Our trip culminated at the Japanese Garden.
I wished our tour in Cavinti was an extended one, but it was a fun weekend.

How to get to Cavinti? Ride a bus going to Sta. Cruz (trips by HM and JAC Liner extend up to Pagsanjan) and ride a jeep going to Cavinti.

Optional: DLTB offers late afternoon trips from Pasay to Sta. Maria (Yup. There's a town in Laguna named Sta. Maria). If you get lucky to find one, ride that bus and tell the conductor to drop you off at Lumban. Ride a jeep going to Cavinti from there.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Join the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program

Digital Filipino
Learn from the best to become an online influencer in the e-commerce industry. Join the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program.

Here, you can learn the benefits of the internet in boosting businesses. In particular, you will learn how e-commerce has become a tool in improving the Philippines' economic competitiveness in the ASEAN and worldwide market.

Also, will learn about the e-commerce business and revenue model and ways to manage supply chain back-end and customer support.

You can also learn how to accept payments online, detect frauds, and secure your websites.

You can also use the knowledge you will acquire in this program to collaborate with prospective clients for start-ups and business expansion.

The first module of the training program will be held on the following dates: January 17 in Makati, January 24 in Cebu, January 31 in Davao, and February 7 in Dagupan.

If you can't make it to the aforementioned dates, you can join the online version, which will start on January 21.

Every module, except for Module 8, costs PHP 3,000. Module 8, which teaches you how to present your e-commerce proposal to a prospective client, costs PHP 6,000. However, you can enroll for the entire training program for only PHP30,000 if you pay through cash.

But for a limited offer, you can enroll for the said program and you can get a 10% discount. Just fill up the form below and wait for a confirmation from Ms. Janette Toral.

If you want to receive an exclusive 10% discount for the Certified E-Commerce Specialist, Entrepreneur, and Professional Training Program, just fill up this form and a discounted billing will be emailed to you.

Janette Toral will send an email confirmation link to ensure no one is adding you without consent. Kindly check your bulk or spam folder in case it doesn't arrive in your inbox. Once confirmed, you will receive an e-mail that has the discounted e-mail billing.

Editor's Note: I am an accredited online lead generator for DigitalFilipinoTraining Programs.

Bohol Travel Fair opened

L-R: Mr. Reed Aeschliman, Cong. Rene L. Relampagos, DOT Sec. Ramon R. Jimenez Jr.,
BM Benjie Arcamo, Gov. Edgar M. Chatto, Atty. Lucas M. Nunag, Cong. Arthur Yap, and
Tagbilaran Mayor John Yap II formally opened the Bohol Travel Fair.
The first Bohol Travel Fair opened today at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City amid simple yet meaningful ceremonies.

The 3-day event, which runs today until January 11, 2015, serves to kickstart the province’s Visit Bohol 2015 tourism campaign, which hopes to lure local and foreign tourists, including businessmen, back to the province to explore its beauty and natural splendor and be part of its growing economy.

The initiative is also aligned with the Philippine government’s own “Visit The Philippines 2015” tourism campaign, a follow up to its successful “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” effort last year.

The Bohol Travel Fair, which is organized by the Bohol provincial government in partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT), the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPBPHL), and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), was attended by numerous VIPs, dignitaries and special guests from the province, the national government, the diplomatic corps, and other important stakeholders in the Philippine tourism scene.

The event also provided participants, mainly private resort owners, the opportunity to showcase the best of what they can offer to event guests and the general public when it comes to tourist attractions.
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