Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Street Partying at WU! Fest

Since it's located at the Makati City Proper (just near the city's Central Business District), I had a hard time finding A. Venue Mall. But when I made the touchdown. It's party time!

I was at the WU! Fest organized by What's Up! Manila Magazine at the said mall's open parking lot. Over 50 food, booze, and entertainment booths were opened, and the place became a site for a late summer luau party.

First off, I looked at the different shades made available by Sprinto.
Also, I paid a visit to the foosball (or simply table soccer) booth by Table Soccer PH, a group of table soccer enthusiasts who wants to unleash the inner Azkal in us.
Where should I place the Sporty Guy logo here?
Well, since I once played real soccer (the most recent was in 2010), I gave table soccer a try.
"Beat me, man!" Ross Del Rosario
But I just can't beat these guys. So after a series of heartbreaking defeats, here's me...
Well, I found a kid who wanted to play table soccer. I challenged her and walloped her 22 straight times. So I still got the prize after all, a bottle of wine courtesy of Brut Cava.
"Yuck! Bata lang ka-match mo! Babae pa! Eeeww!" Oo na!
Weak na ako! At least may wine ako! :P
Also, there was a booth by Mojo Boost where all a participant needed was to get a mini pillow into the hole thrice to win a major prize.
There's also a tattoo booth where everyone can have his skin printed with beautiful designs.
Everyone also jived to the live music being played at the main stage.
Do you think it's a cool site to put the watermark in?
Harley-Davidson Philippines also came and brought in one of its bikes to the WU! Fest!
All hail Harley D!
Finally, a special shoutout to the one who made it possible for us to get into the WU! Fest: WazzUp Pilipinas!
Getting to the WU! Fest would not be possible without the help of WazzUp
Pilipinas. Ross Del Rosario
If you missed the fun, there's always another time to join the groove. See you next year!

PS: Since I rushed this thing up, I wasn't able to put the Sporty Guy watermark in the other pictures. But except for the two photos from Ross (me playing table soccer and me holding the WazzUp Pilipinas logo), all the photos taken are from yours truly.

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