Monday, December 9, 2013

Why I Want a Cyberya Minigosyo

In this time where everyone's on social media, everyone can have his/her own website, the younger people get hooked on online games like Warcraft 3 and Cabal, or simply, everyone is mainly reliant on computers, the demand of going into computer stores to buy a unit or into internet shops just to satisfy the computer needs is increasing. However, most of us, because of lack of finances, prefer the latter. A problem with going to internet shops is that some shops may be far from your home. That's the case in the neighborhood within my boarding house in Los Baños.

It would take a five-minute walk from my dorm to go into the nearest net cafe. However, the ambiance may not be lovely to you. Usually, the shop is noisy because of Warcraft players. Also, even if the shop offers a low per hour rate (and even a discounted rate if you opt for a longer rental time), the proximity is a non-factor. Not to mention that our road is neither concrete nor asphalt, so the potholes are rampant. Lastly, what if I and my neighbors don't have enough money for an hour of rental? So if I were to have an internet cafe business, I would have it at my dorm, and I would make sure it will be a "PisoNet" one. Good thing, there's PLDT Cyberya.

Cyberya is the latest offering from PLDT KaAsenso. Here, you can log on to the internet for as low as a buck. I want to have a Cyberya Minigosyo because I want to help my community so they won't have a hassle of going far just to go online. This is a simple way of giving back to the ones who are paying my tuition since I'm from UP.

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