Thursday, February 27, 2014

PETA ARTS Zone Project Launched

A scene in the musical play "Rated PG", which was revealed during PETA's
ARTS Zone launch. PETA
The Philippine Educational Theater Association or PETA launched the Advocate Rights to Safety Zone or ARTS Zone at the PETA Theater in Quezon City.

The ARTS Zone project teaches positive discipline for children. PETA hopes that any form of child abuse will be eliminated especially at home and at school, making safe spaces for children. The project also aims at ensuring a child's positive growth toward his/her full potential.

"We want to bring about a culture change for Filipino families," said ARTS Zone Project Director Marichu Belarmino. "We believe that it is best to discipline children in ways where they too can participate so that they may understand what they are being disciplined for."

"We want [the parents and the children] to know that [saying that it is right to hurt others for a lesson to be learned] is not true, that true love does not hurt.

In the launching event named "Love Does Not Hurt", Dr. Liane Alampay spoke to the media about how discipline can be implemented without someone getting hurt.

Also, PETA's musical act entitled "Rated PG", a story about a mother and a father's strife to discipline their children in a positive, was launched.

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