Thursday, August 14, 2014

Leadership is About Influence by Grace Nicolas

Boris Joaquin. Jamyl Cruz (file photo)
Just recently, one of the top-ranked motivational speakers and trainers in the Philippines had a talk about leadership at the Elabram office in Makati City with 30 engineers as attendees.

Boris Joaquin shared valuable information on how to gain respect & goals to achieve success in terms of leading the team. Joaquin mentioned that leadership is defined by two behavioral approaches, role and relationship.

Role is a task-oriented approach where the leader is focus in delivering the task to meet the certain goal or achieve a certain performance standard.

The leader here is into key performance indicator (KPI) or output of the team. Its advantage is deadlines are met and jobs are completed. 

Under relationship leadership, the leader is focused on the satisfaction and motivation like internal marketing and general well-being of the team members.

Over all, this is to influence the team members or the associates according to these approach. This leader prioritize the well being of the team.

Also, a mindset of having a good environment means having a good relationship with the subordinates where individuals feel driven.

The team members here are more empowered to take risk because they know that their leader will provide support when needed. 

Joaquin also described also that the one with influence like a child asking for a toy if the parents will agree is the one who is the leader and with influence for negotiating and encouraging the parents to say yes.

The capacity to have an effect in the character, development, or behavior of someone or something can be determined if the leader is truly effective, if the team follows or even imitates the influencer whether it is by way of dressing up, if it follows the rules implemented, or if it follows a simple instruction. 

Elabram Systems Group in the Philippines once again had an occasional empowerment talk for the team members to help in the decision making, to improve the mindset towards positivity, and to just enjoy the beauty of sharing and be motivated by the different popular and best speakers in the Philippines. 

Elabram Systems Group currently has a "Fuel Up Your Career" recruitment campaign in social media, and it asks all empowered job seekers to join this company with services like network planning and optimization (NPO), talent acquisition and deployment (TAD), business process outsourcing (BPO), and knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) with offices in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

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