Saturday, December 6, 2014

A return trip to the Science Centrum

I was in my third grade when I had my one and only visit to the Philippine Science Centrum, which was still situated in Manila City then. Now, after almost 18 years, I was back at the Science Centrum, now based inside the Riverbanks Complex in Marikina City. Obviously, a lot has changed in the Science Centrum in the past 18 years.

While it's now not that accessible as it was then (it was once located at the Manila U-Belt area), it's more spacious, giving more room for new exhibits to be placed.

One of the Science Centrum's additions was this stationary bike in which once you tried it, the CFL's will light up, teaching us more about kinetic energy.
Another item I saw in today's Science Centrum that I did not see in my past visit was this finger tingler. We were lined up in a circle while holding our hands. I had my hand in the tingler, and once the exhibitor activated the machine, we felt the electricity. The machine teaches how electrocution can be passed.
Another cool thing I saw was this weighing machine that compares my earthly weight to that of the other planets. Thanks to the difference in the gravity level of each planet, we can be lighter or heavier at another planet. In fact, I found out that I can be about one-third of my size if I go to Mars!
Some more cool machines I found inside the new Science Centrum building were this apparatus, which can give you the experience to fly...
...and this one, which one turned on will emit an electric current as seen by the naked eyes.
I also tried out its shadow photo booth, but unfortunately, my photo of its was too dark enough. I also failed to take a photo of some optical illusion areas, but they were cool.

If you want to see them, just go to the new Philippine Science Centrum located at the E-Com Center of the Riverbanks Complex, A. Bonifacio Ave., Marikina City. From Cubao, New Manila, or Sta. Mesa, just ride a jeep bound for SSS Village or Calumpang. For more of the Science Centrum and the other museums inside the Riverbanks, visit Riverbanks' website.


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