Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Cheers to Good Times

Have you ever been in this situation? Everyone's worried and anxious--waiting for the result of your presentation. You haven't slept properly for days working on that pitch. Then your phone rings. You're nervous but you answer. Yeba! You win the client! You deserve to party. Go out and celebrate this good time.

For Emperador Distillers Managing Director Von De Torres, "Partying is our way of saying 'yahoo'." But in order to have a good time, be sure to get only the real and fine wine that doesn't only fit the occasion but also suits your taste. Good thing there's the new Carlo Rossi Sweet Red Wine. Crafted from Californian grapes, it has layers of vanilla, bright cherry, and wild raspberry flavor that create a different kind of sweetness.

"Rossi Sweet Red is specifically created to be sweet and be consumed cold, as in with rice," added De Torres. In fact, she also added that Rossi Sweet Red is best enjoyed on-the-rocks, a trend in wine drinking in the United States. And even if the ice melts, the taste stays perfect so everyone can savor all the sweetness and real wine flavor.

So celebrate sweet victories,big or small, with a wine that is just as sweet and a bit more refreshing. There's a reason to be happy and celebrate everyday. You can always cheers to good times with Carlo Rossi Sweet Red.

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