Sunday, November 10, 2013

Tiago Restaurant: Bringing Progressive Filipino Foods

The South Triangle area is home to the more well-known hangouts in Quezon City. However, inside the place where you can find the likes of Zirkoh, Vizio, and Amici is a place called Tiago. The restaurant serves "progressive Filipino cuisine". You may ask, "What is progressive cuisine?" I and my crew went to check the place out.
As I mentioned above, Tiago brings you Filipino cuisine, but the resto brings it to the next level. According to owner Sigrid Buendia, they intend to deliver a different kind of Filipino dining experience by fusing our favorite dishes with other dishes. That's what she calls "progressive cuisine".
Tiago owner Sigrid Buendia (R) with homie Grace Nicolas
One example of this progressive Filipino cuisine is the chopsuey salad, in which the well-known veggie dish is turned to a dessert or even an appetizer.
Also available at Tiago is the appetizer tilapia rolls--slices of fried tilapia and some rice rolled into mustasa leaves.
If you want more "fishy" jawbreaking, check out Tiago's tinapa rice, where your favorite sinangag is added by tinapa flakes.
If this fried rice is not yet enough for you, you can check out its other rice dishes like the adobo rice.
Also available at Tiago is the ever well-known sisig. It's delicious even if it's not on a sizzling plate.
The last main dish we tried at our visit was the pork humba.
Of course, what's our dining experience without some dessert? Tiago offers leche flan and a different kind of suman--unwrapped!
Aside from the desserts above, Tiago also serves flavors of ice cream different from the commercial ones. Here's the restaurant's ice cream menu (Yes! You can only find these types of ice cream at Tiago.).
Tiago Progressive Filipino Restaurant is located at Scout Fuentebella St. cor. Tomas Morato Ave., Quezon City, infront of Bellagio Square. It's open daily from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM except on Mondays. For more inquiries, call (02)4130616.

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