Thursday, March 27, 2014

Aussie IT Company Pushes for IPad Donation Drive in Deaf Schools

With deaf schools still using the traditional teaching method, an Australian
IT company is encouraging everyone to give his IPad to help the students
learn more effectively. New Media Services
New Media Services, an Australian-based IT company with a branch office in Baguio City, is urging everyone with an old IPad to donate the tablet to a deaf school.

Based on its observation at a SPED school in Baguio, where the students have to lean on old books and a blackboard or whiteboard, NMS, who has been helping deaf learners since 2011, is hoping that IPads will help the deaf students learn more especially in Math and English.

NMS is now accepting IPad donations, and the company hopes that by summer, the first set of IPads, to be equipped with educational apps, will be given to the deaf schools just in time for the opening of the new academic year in June.

Those who will be donating their IPads can give their tablet units at the New Media Services office at GF SFB 1, Baguio City Economic Zone, Baguio City.

For more inquiries, visit the NMS Donation Drive's official website at or email the company at

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  1. thank you very much for spending your time and effort to support the cause :)


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