Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sudden Flight Exhibit Set in Makati

Filipino abstract painter Chiqui Rodriguez announced that her major new series entitled Sudden Flight, her solo show that will be held in Zurich by late summer, will have its preview in a two-man show at the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, hosted by Altromondo Gallery, from May 22 to July 18.

Fifteen selected paintings from a total of over 100 works that comprise the Sudden Flight series will be put in the exhibit to dazzle visitors to the Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences. Chiqui is noted for her deep abstraction of complex realism. 

Says Chiqui of her Sudden Flight series, “I was inspired by my short trip to Brussels after a show held in Berlin in 2013. I arrived with the intent of finding an artist who would be willing to collaborate with me in my upcoming projects, so I started to look around. Instead of finding an artist, I found some Filipinos who work around the city. My interaction with them in a different environment led to varied conversations about how challenging life is to be away from their love ones but nevertheless find solace knowing that their families benefit from their sacrifice. I started on my e-sketchpad and started to express my thoughts after this encounter. The title 'Sudden Flight' refers to several layers of meaning: sudden burst of happiness, excitement as reaching out lives of far-flung Filipinos extending compassion, a moment of bliss.” 

The show plans to bring forward awareness on the inner thoughts of Overseas Filipino Workers.

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