Sunday, August 28, 2016

HEAD TURNER | How to be a #SelfieExpert

AT a time where selfies rule Instagram (or actually ever since IG existed), many wonder, "How come these 'selfie lords' have become some of the top Instagram influencers?"

For my friends and followers, you would also notice me posting selfies on IG as auto-posted on Facebook, from posing with some sports stars (I'm a sportswriter, by the way)...
That's me with former senator and PBA legend Robert Jaworski before I put on braces.
...actually, I've "retired" from that crap since I want to dedicate further on my job, but when Michael Carter-Williams came to town, I have to defer it... posting "selfies" to prove that I'm watching a historic event like Eat Bulaga's de facto 37th anniversary special aka "Tamang Panahon"...
I even had to leave my sports coverage for this. even posting rarities like me wearing a formal outfit (I love street clothes)...
...not to mention funny ones like me pulling off a "hugot" out of an overworked foot.
So, how did I become a "selfie lord" then? The answer: being myself!

Yes, the effect of my braces to my teeth when I took them off for good is somewhat minimal (I will put them back soon), but it did not stop me from posing smiles on the cam in selfie mode.

Just be at your goofiest, happiest self, and your selfies will shine bright. Voila! You're now a #SelfieExpert.

One good help for you to become a selfie expert is the new #OppoF1S, which is now available at your favorite stores.

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