Monday, August 1, 2016

How I make worklife easier

I recently covered the FIBA OQT, which ended at around 11 p.m. every game day.
AS a sportswriter and a travel and lifestyle blogger, I have to be engaged to hard typing work that sometimes I need to finish articles overnight.

At one point, in fact, I called it a (yester)day after I published my last write-up at around 6 a.m... with a bunch of backlogs left!
One time ago, I went straight to our prayer meeting from my work without any sleep.
Not to mention that I still don't have a laptop and my tablet is still being fixed, that is, I'm doing my reports in a computer shop surrounded by the noise of gamers who trash talk their opponents.

Despite all of the things that contribute to the hardships of my work, I feel relieved every time I'm done with my job, but there are also times that I still feel the stress and the hassle in spite of the relief.

What I do to cope up with stress and hassle is that I get a long sleep (i.e., a full eight-hour or sometimes longer hibernation), eat chicken skin (fats help in decreasing stress), and eat much food. Bonding with my churchmates is also a help.
Pigging out with my churchmates is also a good help. Siege Camba
However, it also helps to take vitamin supplements like FERN-C. While it only makes the stress more bearable, FERN-C, along with the other things I do to lessen the stress, is very effective in still being myself despite the hard work.

I tried FERN-C, and it actually worked especially in boosting my immune system. Talagang "Subok na" siya!

So add FERN-C to your everyday stress relief, so that your "Worklife ay easy with Fern-C."

For more, go to FERN-C's website and check out its social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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