Friday, February 1, 2013

Prelude to the Traveling

Prelude to the Traveling
Sakay na!
Welcome to my third blog. In this blog, I'll take you to places which you may have already went to or not. Of course, emphasis will be on places that only a few go to or at least you're yet to see. But also, you will see some very familiar places here, but with some things I found out that maybe you don't know.

Just a disclaimer: Don't treat this as a hate page for LeBron James. It doesn't mean that the title of my blog is a known meme comment in various basketball Youtube videos implies that I hate LeBron James. I just really love to travel. LeBron fans (whether you're a bandwagon or not) are most welcome to see the sights (hehe).

Another thing: Except for those with credits, the photos posted here are mine. You can use my photos for your social media sharing (blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) if you want, but please cite me as the owner of the pics. In short, "Credits-credits din!"

So if you're ready to travel, hop on!

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