Monday, February 4, 2013

A Blog Award Nomination in a Flash!

A Blog Award Nomination in a Flash!
Wow! I only have two articles so far in my Stu Traveled blog, but I received a nomination for the Liebster Blog Award, an award for emerging bloggers with at most 200 followers. Thanks to Hainhiri's Discoveries, I got an instant nomination. As a token of appreciation, I gained the power to nominate 11 emerging blogs (those who also have 200 or less followers as well). For those who I will nominate, here are what you will do in your next blog article: List down 11 random facts about you, and then answer the 11 questions that I will post below. If you're done, you can nominate 11 more blogs, but make a different set of 11 questions that you will ask to your nominees. Here we go!

Random Facts

1. I'm a southpaw (if you're not into boxing, that means a left-handed person).
2. I play basketball, and I'm usually the tallest in our crew. However, I play more of a stretch 4, a power forward who plays like a guard.
3. I also play ultimate.
4. I took the UPCAT just because I want to play for the Fighting Maroons. I passed it, but not enough to make the cut in the Quezon City campus. Turns out, it's a blessing in disguise 'coz I'm having a great ride here in Los BaƱos.
5. I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal Lord and Savior on January 20, 2000, exactly a year before Former President Joseph Estrada was "impeached" by the people.
6. I had near-death experiences (I'm not scaring you).
7. I own jerseys of Kaya, a professional soccer team here in the Philippines, and Brazil's national soccer team.
8. I'm finishing my degree in Mathematics here at UPLB, but I'm considering a second degree in journalism.
9. I'm one of the organizers of the 1st Laguna Blogging Summit last September.
10. I love to wear street clothes more, so you would not believe that I'm a UP student, even if I'm at an event where everyone is wearing their "Sunday's Best".
11. I never have a girlfriend.

11 Questions from HD

1. Favorite genre of music-I like rock, rap, and Christian music.
2. Do you watch anime? If so, what's your favorite?-I watch anime (but not recently), but I like the action animes more.
3. Favorite makeup item? I love lip makeup.-Ahhh... I'm a boy!
4. What's one gadget you can't live without?-My cellphone!
5. Ice cream or cake?-BOTH!
6. Do you play any musical instrument?-I tried playing the drums. Still learning.
7. Any 'weird' habits?-If the going gets tough (whether in basketball, ultimate, or even in online games), I tend to get so emotional. This year, my resolution is to not get "hysterical" in the game.
8. If you were to make a 'soundtrack' of your life, what song will you include?-FlipTop English version rap battles! hehe
9. What country would you like to visit?-No plan of going abroad (for now).
10. If you could change your name, what would it be?-Hmm... I'm sticking to Ivan.
11. Dream job?-A sportswriter maybe?

11 Questions from Me to My Nominees

1. LeBron or Kobe?
2. Do you want the MBA (Metropolitan Basketball Association, the defunct home-and-away pro basketball league) back?
3. Which team do you want to win the NBA Finals?
4. How long do you think will it take before the Azkals will win the World Cup?
5. Favorite UFL team?
6. UFC or WWE (take away the "scriptedness" of the WWE)?
7. Ateneo or La Salle?
8. Para kanino ka bumabangon? hehe
9. Abra or Shehyee?
10. Who do you think is the real villain of the 1897 boo-boo, Aguinaldo or Bonifacio?
11. Pro or anti-divorce?

I respectfully nominate...

Maybe two is enough. Can't think of nine more.

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