Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fitness Camp Launched

The MediCard-Meta Fit Fitness Boot Camp team -Koko Tamura
The media people were given a treat as they took centerstage in the trial run of the MediCard-Meta Fit Fitness Boot Camp at the MediCard Lifestyle Center in Makati. The team headed by The Biggest Loser finalists Hazel Chua and Raffy Tan led the media people in doing the dry run of the month-long fitness course.

The media were given four minutes to complete as many sets of ten jumping jacks, ten squats, ten push-ups, and ten lunges as they can. Then some returned for another workout in which each was given 50 seconds to complete as many reps of either burpees, lateral movements, high-knees as they can and 50 seconds to plank.

Most of the people who registered for the boot camp also graced the event and witnessed just a prelude of what to expect in the Metafit camp which begins on February 25. The boot camp will run until March 22.

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