Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Water from Air? It's Possible with Ecoleader's AWG

With some parts of the globe experiencing water shortages, where can we get safe drinking water? Ecoleaders Inc. has a suggestion: up in the air! Thanks to its new atmospheric water generator, we can still get hydrated while we're in areas where water supply is scarce.

The atmospheric water generator is a humidity and temperature-driven machine which can be used in places at 30% or more relative humidity to produce water from air.

The AWG utilizes multiple filtration technologies which assures you of safe and clean drinking water. These are:

LF2 Carbon Filter
Lower Tank UV Lamp
Sediment Filter
Two Stages of Pre-Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis
Post-Mineral Filter
Post-Carbon Filter
Top Tank UV Sanitizing
Water Output UV Sanitizing
Bottom Tank UV Sterilization
Molecular Sieve Faucet Filter

You can enjoy your drinking water hot or cold. Also, you can connect the AWG to a local water source. If you don't have enough outlets to plug the AWG, you can set up a solar power option so that you can still enjoy safe water.

For as low as PHP105,900, you can enjoy up to 30 liters of pure drinking water from the air, even if you are in a polluted area.

For more inquiries, call 09266197474.

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