Thursday, June 5, 2014

Yamaha Enters Motorcycle that Unites with Nature

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc presented Serow that is beyond a machine. It unites you with nature. Traverse through any path with superior riding ability. Lightweight and compact, with all weight centralized allowing a low center of gravity for a more stable riding experience.

Imagine yourself capturing the essence of a new world as you take your first step of being one with nature. Connect in perfect harmony with a soft breeze, a kiss from the sun and a whisper of the Earth. Find peace alongside the sweet melody of a stream or joy in riding through a trail in the woods. Allow your heart to beat to the sound of your soul and let your imagination take you anywhere. Find your center with Yamaha Serow.

Ride in perfect visibility with a 100mm headlight made from a 60/55 compact halogen bulb, especially in mountain riding or night riding in town. Seat and fuel tank is designed for flexible riding positions that contributes to smooth riding with a seat height of 810mm, also a foldable shift pedal for flexible foot placement. 51 degrees of manoeuvrability that allows a 1.9m degree turn for mountain rides because of a 1306mm short wheel base. An easy grip handle for easy pickup in case of accidental falls.

Serow focuses all weight at its center, giving riders great handling and durability for tough landings with a lightweight front suspension.  This quality product made in Japan will be available in Beige and White/ Green on September 2014. A unit costs P229, 000 and targeting of 720 units sales awaiting time of launch until December this year.

A perfected creation that will lead you to a new world, it is easy to handle and has excellent manoeuvrability for your off road journey. Serow can take you anywhere, not to conquer nature but to share its beauty.

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