Monday, October 27, 2014

Raven Resort: Paradise at the West Coast

I've never been to Bataan all my life, until someone offered a free spot at the Mastering Online Ranking Conference at the Raven Resort. Looking for means to put our news site into a good competition with the other standalone sports news portals, I grabbed the opportunity (What's up, my EIC's?). From LB, I made a 190-kilometer journey to the said resort in Abucay.
The entrance of Raven Resort
So we made it to the Raven Resort for the two-day symposium. The first thing I noticed in the resort were the cabins. The houses there are country-themed, making it unique compared to the rooms inside the Calamba resorts.
I like this cabin the most because of the staircase at the side.
This was where I and an SEO expert stayed.
(top and bottom) The interior of our room
Also, the swimming pools, particularly the kiddie pool, were specially designed to make it more enjoyable for the families and the "barkada".
There are five slides, three bound for the kiddie pool and the other two bound for the adult pool. We tried taking selfies of ourselves sliding to the adult pool. As of the moment, I'm waiting for my friend to upload them.

There are two conference rooms inside the resort, and the organizers utilized both of them for the summit. They are spacious enough to hold big events province-wise.
Some critiques, though, for Raven are the basketball court and the parking lot. Probably, it's just me since I got used to playing in standard-sized courts, but the basketball court is too short, probably three-fourths of the full size.
An obligatory "ballie" at the basketball court
Also, with the lack of parking spaces, car owners resort to using the basketball court to park their automobiles, making it a hindrance to those who want to play basketball.
If not for the cars which are parked at the other side of the court, we
would have played some 5-on-5 pickup games.
Overall, however, I had fun (and gained some SEO knowledge) at the Raven Resort.
Even by ball approves Raven Resort!
For inquiries, go to or through its Facebook page at

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  1. Oh what a nice place! The log cabin theme was executed very well :) Thanks for sharing!


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