Saturday, October 18, 2014

Top bloggers speak their experience in first pro blogging summit

A blogger group having a discussion during Jeoff Salas' talk at the Professional
Bloggins Summit
About a hundred bloggers packed the A. Venue Mall Events Center for the first Professional Blogging Summit brought to you by DPop.

Top bloggers from different niches spoke about their experiences and shared how the participants can be successful too.

Az Coladilla, Ross Del Rosario, and Jay-L Aquino shared their experiences of being lifestyle bloggers and how they coped up against the issues that surrounded them.

Seph Cham also talked on how his fashion blog was converted into a lifestyle blog that even made him more successful.

Jeoff Salas taught about the advantage of building networks and how bloggers can be classified as journalists.

Finally, Sai Montes talked about how e-commerce made her successful today.


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