Thursday, May 1, 2014

Gordon Says Surveys Not That Reliable

Richard Gordon said that surveys are not enough to tell who the next presi-
dent should be. Philippine Daily Inquirer (file photo)
In the aftermath of a recent survey showing Vice President Jejomar Binay getting an early advantage in the 2016 presidential elections, former presidential aspirant Richard Gordon said that there are still more factors to be considered.

Interviewed by newspaper columnist Grace Nicolas, the current Philippine Red Cross head said, "I think qualifications and record of performance do not yet count in our country. There are powers that dictate who will be counted on surveys that manage mind sets."

"Unless merit, integrity, capability, and performance are considered, people are deprived of analytic decision-making and will only be exposed to what is served them by the powerful interests that run media, surveys et al," he added.

Gordon also called the Supreme Court to order the Commission on Elections to implement the mandatory anti-cheating rules added in the Automated Election Law. "Otherwise people will always lose," he warned if there will not be any movement today.

He concluded, "Record isn't enough at this stage. Powers dictate or create winnability over all standards. People will always as we have seen, be short changed. If those who care keep quiet and continue to accept the milieu we are lost."

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