Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Surprise! Montero Family Unveiled as New Victoria Court Ambassadors

The Victoria Court named the Montero Family as its new ambassadors as part
of its rebranding.
The Victoria Court begins its rebranding as the hotel company tapped Troy Montero, his wife Aubrey, and their son Hunter as its newest ambassadors.

Victoria Court made the reveal in front of the press people at its Malate hotel with Managing Director Ian King joining the family.

"They're a great couple, and they embody the things we like in the company," King explained why he chose Troy and Aubrey.

"It all began when we met after Aubrey's birthday," Troy recalled their first talk about the ambassadorship deal.

After King revealed the offer, Troy reacted, "This is a cool idea." He also said that Ian told about the new direction Victoria Court is heading at.

"With social media being the king nowadays, we decided to look for people who will represent us in terms of imaging," added King on how he began reaching out to the Monteros, who are known to be active on the internet.

Also, he said that the hotel wants to voice out to the people that it's not what they it is anymore and that it already changed and grew up.

King also revealed the new themed rooms at Victoria Court's branches. Some of which were designed and even named after hit movies like "Casino Royale" and the Thor saga.

He also mentioned about the food the hotel serves. He said that they are comparable to that of five-star restaurants.

About the food, Aubrey said, "Everything there I loved." She also said that her friends were surprised that the hotel has begun serving such food.

The media people present got a taste of the new food being served by Victoria Court. They also got a glimpse of the Casino Royale and the Thor-themed Asgard rooms.

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