Thursday, May 29, 2014

That 70's Feels

The Village People hurled both the American and the Philippine flags while
singing their hit single "In the Navy". Ted Claudio
I got a very hectic (and toxic) day yesterday. I watched the Azkals-Maldives game on live stream by midnight, and then I went straight (with a little sleep) to a game of ultimate frisbee in Track 30. Afterward, I had to cover a soft launch of an auto-related mobile app and a press conference of a hackathon/world record attempt in Makati. But all the fatigue was gone after getting a super rare chance to see the Village People live in flesh.

For a guy who was born in 1988 (way after the prime of the boy band's career), finally seeing VP live was a totally different experience. At first, I felt awkward being in a crowd full of people who were, if not foreigners, Filipino who once went loco with the band during its heyday in the 70's and the early 80's. Still, I went on my feet, especially when they sang the ever chart-topping "YMCA".

Also, I just found out that the group aims to make our generation do the groove too with the release of its new single "Let's Go Back to the Dance Floor".

My hectic day ended in a cool manner, thanks Grace Nicolas of Zoomanity Group for a crazy ride back to the 70's.

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