Thursday, May 22, 2014

Residence Inn: The President and His Place in Tagaytay by Grace Nicolas

A young visitor feeding one of the camels you will see at the Residence Inn.
Grace Nicolas
Grace Nicolas, a good friend of mine, revealed an interesting fact about the Residence Inn in Tagaytay City. Who would have thought a former president once stayed in what would become a hotel and mini-zoo? Check out her report below, and I quote...

"For most of you, the Residence Inn in Tagaytay City is just another bed & breakfast hotel, but for some, especially to the patrons of the Zoomanity Group, where the hotel is one of its six operated facilities, it has some more to offer.

Aside from the zipline, the cable car, and the animal encounter, it is also, most of all, an ancestral home of the daughter of a former president.

Former President Jose P. Laurel must be proud that his daughter turned the house to a place not only for them to enjoy with a million dollar view of Taal Volcano but for everyone who wants to experience how it feels like to be in this presidential residence.

Robert Yupangco, the son of Potenciana Laurel-Yupangco, the daughter of Former President Laurel, made everything possible.

His passion and love for animals is obvious with the different species now at Residence Inn. It is not just for accommodation but also for conservation of different animals. 

Also, check out the delicious bulalo at Residence Inn. The bulalo is not your usual serving. The restaurant makes sure that the soup is hot the whole time, so along with the dish is a heater just for you that will make your bulalo hot and boiling, while the designated waiter is there to make sure you have everything you ordered. Residence Inn truly is walking the talk because of their amazing culture of service. 

For the animal encounter, do not miss the photo souvenirs with the white Burmese Python or with the friendly owl.

Kids and kids at heart can also enjoy feeding the camel or the donkey for only PHP20. What an exciting way to spend with family this summer!

The Residence Inn is giving away free entrance for the Green Magic Show until May 31. So what are you waiting for? Check its website at or like its Facebook page for details."

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  1. This Tagaytay Residences Philippines has an extra feature of zoo within the vicinity. Nice to have visited the place!


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